We deliver tailor-made training to marketing teams and digital and creative agencies looking to up their game. Whether you’re looking to fill a one-off skill gap or add additional tactics to your marketing arsenal, we can help.

Who is our training for?

Teams with varying levels of mastery of digital marketing concepts, tactics and metrics. We connect the dots and highlight the missing links.
Cross-functional teams who work together but lack a common language and understanding of how they all can leverage product and digital marketing.
Product and service companies, digital and creative agencies.

The 5 Principles of The Indigitals’ training

  1. Participants can immediately start applying what they’ve learned
  2. Tailor-made for the needs of your team
  3. At the intersection of training and consulting
  4. Using real cases from your teams’ day-to-day operations
  5. Applying a holistic approach to solving marketing problems

Telerik Upskill Digital Marketing Program

Our Co-Founders, Ina Toncheva and Antonia Bozhkova, are trainers at the Upskill Digital Marketing Program at Telerik Academy, which equips participants with the marketing skills in high demand. They teach marketing strategy, product marketing and content marketing.

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