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How to Develop the Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand?

I worked long years in digital marketing for high-profile tech companies and this is what I learned about being successful at my job. I had to become proficient at all different digital marketing disciplines and understand how they work together. I had to be able to see the bigger picture and stay focused on my high-impact projects. I had to learn to read data in context and translate it into stories to communicate my ideas. I developed a system to help me understand highly technical subjects for which I had to create content. I stopped waiting to have time left to read (not emails) and think about new ideas – I made time to read and think. If I wanted to offer a new idea, I had to do some of the field work in advance without any guarantees for success. I learned to always have a plan with goals and KPIs for success even when I wasn’t required to. I also had to learn to write better, think harder, and communicate smoother.

Which digital marketing skills will make me attractive to employers?

Let’s take a look at some numbers. Ten thousand professionals across major Fortune 500 companies, growth-stage startups, and everything in between took a digital marketing skills assessment. The assessment included questions in 6 digital marketing disciplines – digital advertising, direct marketing, social media, content marketing, mobile, and multichannel. Let’s look at the results.


The State of Digital Marketing Skills in 2018


The results show that the biggest gap is driven by missing data skills. Participants have difficulties combining math skills and marketing funnels. They struggle with metrics at various steps in the funnel.

Other areas participants in the survey struggle with are SEO, Programmatic advertising, A/B testing, and Attribution models.

The lowest average score by marketing channel (what I call digital marketing disciplines) is Content Marketing.

Is this applicable to Bulgaria?

My guess is that the gap is probably wider because of the smaller volume of companies where marketers can develop these skills.

How to develop the digital marketing skills in high demand?

Self-learning is a great option, especially if you are working in a dynamic digital environment. And you have access to tools for data collection and analysis, SEO, content, and email marketing. My favorite resources for self-learning include Neil Patel blog, ahrefs blog, the content marketing institute, hubspot blog, intercom blog and creativelife.

Or you can go in the fast lane with the training that best suits your goals.

How can Telerik Academy help me develop the marketing skills in demand?

The Digital Marketing Master Class at Telerik Academy is designed to provide a 360-degree view on all digital marketing disciplines and how they work together to deliver quantifiable and measurable results. It emphasizes analytical and strategic thinking, providing students with a system they can start applying immediately.

We’ll dig deep in subjects such as growth marketing, SEO, data & analytics, content marketing, digital advertising, experimentation, marketing automation, data visualization, and storytelling. We’ll address the areas where the international digital marketing skills assessment has identified large skills gap such as data skills and analyzing metrics at the various stages of the funnel, content marketing, SEO, A/B testing and attribution models.

It will be an intense training where students will work on real-world cases with data provided by companies from different industries.

By the end of the class students will be able to analyze a company’s digital marketing state of affairs, to identify strategic priorities for growth and tactics with measurable KPIs to achieve the goals. Students will be operational in the main digital marketing disciplines and will be able to see the bigger picture to identify high-impact activities and stay focused on them.

We’ll work on students’ soft skills too. The companies  with which we collaborated to develop this program confirmed that soft skills are a major weak spot.  The Academy Learning and Development trainers will help students develop their ability to manage feedback and expectations, ask the right questions, prioritize and stick to your high-impact activities.

The Digital Marketing Master Class at Telerik Academy in a nutshell

  • is interdisciplinary covering all digital marketing disciplines
  • combines theory and practice
  • provides real business context – B2B and B2C
  • students work in groups on real business cases and present their projects
  • is centered around applied learning
  • emphasizes on strategic and analytical thinking
  • polishes students’ soft skills

Who are the trainers?

We’ve lined up a diverse group of practitioners from global technology companies such as Progress and SiteGround, digital marketing consultants from The Indigitals, VertoDigital, ROImonks and Mediapost Hit Mail. We’ve invited speakers with a marketing background in blockchain technologies and conversational AI platforms – aeternity and Smartloop.

Check out the full trainers line up here

Ready to join?

Apply here

Still have questions?

Come at the free panel discussion on July 10. You’ll hear about why and how we designed the curriculum. You’ll meet some of the trainers, alumni from the previous edition and representatives of the companies providing real data and case studies for the program. You’ll learn about the digital marketing skills in demand whether you decide to apply or not.

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