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How Social Media Help My Creative Process

I’m not a stranger of the side effects of social media. Sometimes I bring myself to a state of comatose scrolling and other times it feels like I have a refresh tick when checking to see the reactions to my last post. Nevertheless social media also help my creative process. Here’s how.

Writing feels easy

Writing can be scary – developing your ideas and articulating them clearly is hard work. Starting to write is the scariest part – every sentence sounds dumb and shallow. But social media really help me work on distilling ideas to their essence. The bite size pieces I post on Facebook or Instagram are less frightening to write and yet they are a good exercise in communicating thoughts and ideas in a concise form.

Sharing comes naturally

I feel safe sharing on my social media profiles because the majority of the audience is my friends and they’ll be supportive and forgiving.

We had an amateur “theater company” years ago. We would put on a play once a year, hire a small theater and perform in front of our friends and families. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had as it gave me the pleasure to act and express myself without being judged too hard. I feel like social media create a similar environment for expression.

And then there’s the encouragement you feel by the people’s engagement vs. writing and not knowing it is sparks anything in anyone. Whenever we express ourselves, we’re looking for reaction. It’s a reassuring feeling that motivates us to keep trying.

Ideas incubator

My posts are usually spontaneous, driven by important milestones in my life, things and places that inspired me, that impress me deeply, sometimes things that infuriate me. Looking back at my posts helps me discover the stories I care to tell. It reminds me of topics and themes close to my heart.

I’m writing this blog post while being under quarantine related to the coronavirus crisis. And while I’m not happy that I reach out to my phone first thing in the morning, social media now more than ever help me keep in touch with friends and family.

Image credits: Daria Nepriakhina @Unsplash

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How Social Media Help My Creative Process

I’m not a stranger of the side effects of social media. Nevertheless they also help my creative process. Here’s how.

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