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Who are we?

We’ve created tens of go-to-market strategies and launched as many tech products to the market. We’ve analyzed and optimized the buyer’s journey for various tech industries to maximize conversion and customer acquisition. We’ve created tons of content that speaks to the technical and business persona and has helped position companies as thought leaders in their field.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours learning directly from the source – software engineers, and we picked some tech knowledge along the way. We know the difference between Java and JavaScript, API and SDK, client-side and server-side. We are marketing techies who will work with your product team to extract product and industry knowledge and sharpen your marketing message.


How can we help?

Marketing Strategy

We help you create a detailed marketing plan, identifying the appropriate marketing mix to get your message to the target audience. We help you data-drive your marketing efforts, monitor results, and tweak campaigns on the fly.

Product Marketing

We help you identify your buyer persona, map their journey and create a killer go-to-market plan that’s actionable and results-driven. We sharpen your value prop, positioning and message to help you attract, engage and delight users.

Technical Marketing

We understand technical personas’ pain points and create developer-facing content. We help translate techies’ requirements and aspirations into messages and stories they identify with and enjoy.

Demand Generation

We’ll devise a plan to enhance your brand awareness and widen the top of the funnel. We’ll help your teams align at each step of the buyer journey, thus reducing marketing spend and improving lead quality and conversion.

Content Strategy

We identify ways your brand can use content to expand your reach and develop your industry authority. We know how to create compelling content that engages, educates, and converts your audience.


Training for the digital and creative teams

Sometimes, marketing teams’ members have varying mastery of digital marketing concepts, tactics and metrics. Some might have deep expertisе in a given area but lack an understanding of the big picture – how all channels and strategies work together for achieving sustainable growth. We can cover a broad spectrum of themes or a specific niche topic according to your needs. Our co-founders are trainers at the Upskill Digital Marketing Program at Telerik Academy, teaching marketing strategy, product marketing and content marketing.

case study

78% organic traffic increase over six months

We worked with Imagga, a pioneer and a global innovator in image recognition as a service space, to increase the organic traffic and leads. The strategy relied on featuring existing product functionalities that were under communicated to capture a larger audience, extensive SEO research to spot opportunities for new organic traffic, and creating the right content to reach our goals. The result was a 78% increase in organic traffic over six months and a new stream of leads.

Tactics used:

  • Translating complex technical language into targeted benefits-oriented messages for different audiences
  • Website usage analysis
  • Extensive content and topic SEO analysis
  • B2B technical content creation and distribution

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